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Local Marketplace

Dominate your local market with a local business directory including multimedia and traffic drivers for your site.

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Garage Sales

Features include a region/city based map with your data whether automatically by a feed or manual entry.

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Open Houses | Evening Post Interactive

Open Houses

Features include a region/city based map with your data whether automatically by a feed or manual entry.

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Social Media

Working with one of our Social Media experts, allow us to help you manage or run your social media campaign online.

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#reputationmanagement keeping your brand awesome

Local consumers are turning to online directories to find products and services that meet thier everyday needs. Submitting your business information to local directories and search engines by hand is tediouos and time consuming. Let EPI's

Reputation Management

take the leg work out of online directory submission.

Enter your business information via a simple one-page form. EPI will create a detailed business profile and distribute to the top 40 major local directories. Improve your website's SEO efforts by providing one-way, inbound links and consistent business data across all search engines and directories.

Reputation Management | Keeping Your Brand Awesome

Your business is defined by what appears on Google and other search engines. In fact, the first impression people receive of you may be what they see in their search engine results. Don't let Google display their version of your identity, character or reputation. Take control with EPI's eBiz Card and create your web presence that will be listed among sponsored links in relevant searches.


#leadgeneration turning clicks into profit


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

is a direct marketing medium. Getting traffic to your website is half the battle. Converting visitors into leads and sales is the other half. Landing pages and micro-sites are the most effective way for you to increase converting visitors into leads and/or sales. Improving your conversion rate from visitors to leads/sales by even 1-2% will help you acquire customers for less.

Search Engine Marketing

should accompany a strong

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

plan for your web site. Building your web site with strong, relevant information and updating it daily with new content will boost your site's rank on Google, Bing and other search engines. SEM will enhance your site's rank by ensuring it appears atop the results page.